Friday, July 30, 2021

T'Melle "Work 4 It" Single

Although born and raised in Philadelphia, R&B singer T’Melle began her music career early in life in the city of Atlanta. Under the mentorship of Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes of the Grammy Award-winning group TLC, T’Melle’s journey took an unexpected turn. She was severely injured in the Honduras car collision that took Left Eye’s life in 2002. T’Melle overcame her injuries and learned to walk again, and the experience added extra fuel to the entertainer’s fire to make her dream come true.
T'Melle's latest release "Work 4 IT" is all about making working out fun and sexy. As an avid fitness enthusiast, T’Melle also releases a new brand (T’Pantha), associated with her love of working out. “Work 4 It” hopefully gets people active and healthy again after a year of being couch potatoes.

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Monday, July 26, 2021

LKeys "I Got Mine" Single | @LKeys303

LKeys, presented by WA Management Service, is done with beating around the bush and is letting anyone within earshot know that when you stay ready, you dont have to get ready. ""I Got Mine"" is street gospel at its finest and will be felt by those who truly know what it's like to be outside, knowing that there is a possibility of having to confront the opps around every corner.

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Rely Emerson "You Took Everything" Single | @RelyEmerson

Rely Emerson out of Phoenix, Arizona, is back with his latest offering, "You Took Everything", produced by Heath Stone. The rising superstar delivers a heart-felt ode to "Toxic Relationships" as he uses stellar production to deliver an emotional, celebratory track that will touch all that listen.

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