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Introducing @MJay813Promo

@MzOnPointPromo Introduces: @MJay813Promo

Michael Richardson Jr. professionally known as MJay is an independent artist out of Tampa, Florida, by way of Progress Village. He has always had a passion for music and it does not come as a surprise that at the early age of 14, he began pursuing his passion professionally. MJay first embarked on his career around his city, hitting local strip clubs, hip hop clubs, and house parties.
Currently MJay is the president of S. Gang Muzik Group and an active member of the world famous Cool Runnings DJs. MJay is a networking guru in his area, having worked with just about everybody. He tries his best to reach the hard working and talented artists, djs, and business professionals of his area. There is no one particular person he aims to work with, he just wants to work with everyone that is out there making a difference and moving forward in this industry.
Most recently MJay has released his mixtape "Can't Get Right" which was released on LiveMixtapes the end of June 2013. MJay's other mixtapes include; “Against the Grain”, which can be found on all mixtape download sites (i.e. LiveMixtapes, Datpiff, Coast to Coast and so on), "What it iz 2b MJay" hosted by Chubb Chop It Up, available for download on Datpiff. All of which showcase the talent, hunger, and passion that MJay has always displayed through music.
MJay’s has big plans and ideas which he believes will keep him making moves for a long time and sends out a message to everyone to “get used to hearing my name”. MJay is very focused and dedicated to reaching these goals, stating “I plan to make history and to change the world. I want to make my kids, family, and team proud. I want a better relationship with God, so you can say I am running towards the touchdown.”

"Can't Get Right"

MJay - Cant Get Right

Videos from "Can't Get Right"

Magic Ride Screenshot
"Magic Ride"
Happy Screenshot

"Against The Grain"


Videos from "Against The Grain"

A Day In The Life Screenshot
"A Day In The Life"
Trapoholic Screenshot
They Know Its Him Screenshot
"The Kno Its Him"
Closer Screenshot
Dreams Screenshot
Over Screenshot

"What It Iz 2B MJay" Hosted by @ChubbChopItUp

00 - MJAY813_What_It_Is_2_B_Mjay-front-large

Connect w/ MJay

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