Thursday, January 23, 2014

[News] Blakk Katt (@Blakk_Katt) in studio interview w/ @MissAtown2U

I recently had the pleasure of sitting down with a brand new artist @Blakk_Katt out of Alabama, Patchwerk Recording Studios Atlanta Ga. His sound is country, authentic, raw, & definitely makes you feel it. I can honestly say he reminds me of the 2003 Young Jeezy, a lil bit of Scarface & more! His personality really pops with a very outspoken sense of humor. I was able to ask a few questions while we picked out songs for his New Mixtape called "Bad Luck, Good Fortunes"
Miss Atown: When did u decide to rap?

Blakk Katt: I decided to rap when I was 15 years old just fucking around with my brothers and homies..
Miss Atown: Would you say the streets are your motivation? Or what exactly motivates you?

Blakk Katt: The struggle motivated me and a whole lotta $$$ motivates me...
Miss Atown: Alotta artist use "The Struggle" as their motivation but never really struggled. Have you ever been poor?

Blakk Katt: Yes I've been poor before..My mother was a single parent of 5 kids with no help. We been on food stamps and government assistant, but with my mom being a strong woman we really made the best out of the worst situations...
Miss Atown: Why me? What made you reach out to lil ol me?

Blakk Katt: I've heard you can provide services such as real street promotion/ web visibility/ and branding ...
Miss Atown: How were you able to connect with me THE CONNECT?
Blakk Katt: I got to you by Dj Funky @DjFunkyATL(Coalition Dj's) and Jaycee @hisear4muzik (My manager)...
Miss Atown: You are in Atlanta, the music capitol. Is there anyone in particular you want to work with?

Blakk Katt:I want to work with anyone who wants to work with me...
Miss Atown: What would you say is your ultimate long term goal?

Blakk Katt: My goal is To be a successful label/artist/movement... The takeover is underway as we speak...

Be on The Lookout for the "Bad Luck, Good Fortunes" Mixtape, Comin SOON!

via Miss Atown (@MissAtown2u)

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