Friday, March 14, 2014

[Video] Natalia Damini (@NataliaDamini) - Can't Be Without You

Natalia is now one of Brazil's biggest pop stars, she currently has one of the most popular international club records playing around the globe called "Kiss It", which is a dancing smash hit. Natalia’s first album BEAUTIFUL debuted at number #16 on ITunes Music Pop Chart. In addition to having a hit album and single, the latest EP release "Bad Girl" debuted at #32 on the ITunes Pop Music Chart. She continues to meet the demand for more shows within Brazil and the region. Today we present to you her latest video “Can’t Be Without You” ft. Mister Jam, which has already gotten great reviews, organic plays, and spins. Check it out and support the next International Superstar, currently independent, but with these moves that will change soon enough. download and press release available

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