Tuesday, May 6, 2014

[Mixtape] Ralphie - Who is Ralphie, El Farggo WRNR

Ralphie El Farggo (@RalphieEL_MFG), born in Orlando, Florida was adopted immediately after his birth and relocated to Fayetteville, NC. Shortly after learning he was adopted Ralphie started to act out in school, rapping in class. His rebellions lead him to the streets where he discovered his talent and love for music. He watched the major artists of hip hop, but created a style so unique that it gained him credibility in the streets of Fayetteville. His catchy hooks and smooth lyrics would become requested by other artists throughout North Carolina, which makes him one of the best in his area. His lyrics represent the young men and women of his generation. Staying loyal to his believes is the badge of honor that he wears on his shoulder. By remaining true to his style and craft, Ralphie El Fraggo is destined to become one of Southern Hip Hop's greatest rappers. With this uniqueness, passion, and stand out personality Ralphie knew he had to make his mixtape official. The best way he knew how, was by bringing in someone who is well respected and known for sharing some of the same principles as his. Ralphie had a few options, but his choice to approach Bigga Rankin (@BiggaRankin00) was a no-brainer. Bigga Rankin is the Streets A&R and has the many of the same principles Ralphie wishes to maintain to uphold. Today we present you with the first chapter in the Book of Ralphie. You are in for an awesome adventure and Team Bigga Rankin is proud to answer the question “Who is Ralphie, El Farggo" WRNR style.

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