Sunday, June 8, 2014

[Single] Boss Major - Whippin

Who Is Boss Major Boss Major (@BossMajorAMG) is the example of turning crumbs into a loaf of bread. Boss Major and his family grew up in rodent infested homes and dangerous projects of Chicago. He engaged into the streets not because of girls or nice cars but money so he can feed his sister and younger brothers. Influenced by his father and his street activities so like all else the apple doesn't fall that far from the tree. Determined to be his own man and not a shadow of his father "he got it how he lived" he states and nothing more into his personal doings. He felt there were no other options. A best friend named (Vizion) introduced him to music which they recorded their first song on a tape with tissue on both sides and a pair of headphones. He has been writing since he was 13 and he's been in love with music ever since his first recording.

Boss Major later created his own record label Mafia Muzik Group which represents a lifestyle. The word Mafia represents terms of family, structure, Loyalty, and also the not so great that comes with it from the media. Hardships continued For Boss Major but he kept his head held high. Music was an outlet and a goal to achieve by any means. He had to make a change, set rules for the family, being a role model was a hard job considering he was still a kid forced into a grown up world. The way Boss Major handles things are aggressive but affective so once he combined street knowledge with a wall street mind frame Boss Major and Mafia Muzik Group shall be unstoppable. His music talks of passion, fun times, bad times, family, and everyday life of the streets. The life of Boss Major is still yet to be untold but don't sleep on him, This is only the beginning of a BOSS!!!

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