Thursday, June 12, 2014

[Single] Jaytizal - Doin My Thang

Joshua "Jaytizal" Sharp (@Jaytizal) was born March 2nd 1988. He was born and raised in Oklahoma City, OK where he struggled in school and stuggled with his father not being present. Jaytizal knew that he wanted to be a rapper by the age of 11. He started out by making beats on the video game MTV Music Generator on his playstation. He fell in love with the craft after he seen the response his mother gave after hearing her son express himself on his explict and angry song entitled "Problem Child". Jaytizal started to hustle to get money for studio time and went around the city of Oklahoma networking and giving out free copies of his 4 track CD entitled "OKC BOY". One song caught the ear of a local DJ and made it to radio and soon Jaytizal was doing local shows with a crowd full of girls. Hustling finally caught up to Jaytizal and he found himself in Federal Prison and his career on hold. After being in and out of prison 3 times and no more probation, Jaytizal let's it be known that he is completely focused and has finally grown as a man and as an artist. In his own words, "I finally found myself".

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