Saturday, June 7, 2014

[Single] Levi Belle - Dollaz

Levi Belle (@LeviBelle) comes to the game with a fresh voice. Youth and creativity have created some of hip-­hop’s greatest artists. The vibrancy of a young mind with something to say and the courage to say it has been the basis of the genres’ evolution in the music industry. Belle was born and raised in Cocoa, Florida. Raised in a large family, helmed by his aunt and uncle, he remembers his early exposure to music coming from his uncle, who loved classic, pop, and soul artists; like Al Green, James Brown, and The Beach Boys and played them around the house. While his love for music was nurtured through various gifts on birthdays and holidays, it was his cousin who introduced him to the likes of Lauryn Hill, 2Pac, The Notorious BIG and others. He gravitated to hip-­hop and by the age of 8 he was writing his own rhymes and recording over old tapes to practice his sound and delivery as well as to challenge his creativity. As he grew older, he began recording with his cousin who charged him $10 a song and while he never recorded a full project, he took his opportunity to shine at an end of the year event at school in which he rapped a freestyle that was ‘thank you’ to the teachers. The positive response confirmed his dream to be an artist. “Ever since I noticed people would pay attention to me, I wanted to be seen and heard,” Belle says. “I just wanted to wait until the right time. I know people are receptive to different things at different time so timing is everything.” Click [Here] For Full Bio.

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