Thursday, March 5, 2015

[Single] Malachiae Warren ft. TK N Cash - Thank Yo Momma

In recent memory, the city of Atlanta has been home to more Hip-Hop success stories than any other city by far. With the city’s Hip-Hop explosion, it’s easy to forget it’s rich history with R&B music. TLC, Usher, Monica, Jagged Edge, 112, and Ciara have all helped establish and fly the Atlanta R&B flag dating back to the 90’s. In 2015 it’s time for some new blood... Introducing Atlanta born R&B crooner, Malachiae Warren. The 19-year-old rising talent is poised to make his mark on the game, and in the process, bring back that youthful, fly, ATL R&B vibe that once had the city and the industry on the edge of their seats. The 2014 North Atlanta High School graduate began singing at age 12 and recording music at age 14. Although coming from a family with an extensive musical background, Malachiae (aka Chiae) takes nothing for granted. He challenged himself to become more than just a vocalist, honing his skills to ultimately write, arrange and produce his own music. He and, mentor/creative partner, Jasper Cameron are looking to make their Love Life brand the next mainstay in R&B music. Cameron, a product of the 90’s/2000’s Atlanta music scene, came up under super producer Dallas Austin and has been instrumental in the early careers of a handful of successful Atlanta R&B acts including Ciara, Lloyd and Monica. His extensive songwriter/production credits also include the likes of TLC, Lil Wayne, Christina Aguilera, Future, August Alsina, T.I., Mario, Jeezy and many more. The ATL music scene has always been self-contained and has thrived throughout the last two decades of R&B and Hip-Hop. But it’s no longer about what ATL music was, or even what it currently is... it’s about what it can be. The pairing of Chiae and Cameron creates a unique fusion that combines Atlanta’s edgy youth culture, with the soulful groove of its R&B roots. Chiae’s debut singles, the T.I. remake “24’s”, produced by the Love Life duo, and the infectious “Thank Yo Mama”, both perfectly embody the fusion of past and future. On the John “$K” McGhee (Trey Songz, R. Kelly) produced “Thank Yo Mama”, we find the young crooner appreciating the beauty of a special lady as he sings, “Love you like we grown, cuz girl you got me on one. I’m tryna be the one you think about, when you’re layin’ up In the house”, he goes on to sing the chorus “I just wanna thank yo momma, for making something so fine, (aaahhh) something so right”. This Spring, look for Malachiae Warren and #LoveLife to begin the rebranding of ATL music for the next generation.


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