Saturday, April 18, 2015

[Mixtape] Ijah Iba (@IjahIba) - Forever Blaze

One of the most exciting new talents to arise out of the conscious dancehall movement reggae scene, Ijah Iba (@IjahIba) began his career as one of the popular professional soccer players emerging out of Jamaica, given the opportunity and having the skills, he was being scouted to try out for the World Cup of 1998, as he was one of the top prospects coming up, known to many as “Tati” in the soccer world and in his high school days at Frome Technical High School, where he also began singing with fellow school mates, and is now progressing as one of Canada’s most astonishing performers, armed with a rich voice full of emotion, he is destined for international stardom. He stays true to his image and makes sure the quality of his music maintains a standard, considering the amount of recordings of songs he gets done, all the more impressive given the frequency with which he records his music. A versatile sing-jay style vocalist with a unique tone of voice, he is capable of both rapid-fire chanting as well as powerful , yet smooth, melodic singing.

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