Wednesday, April 8, 2015

[Press Release] Tara Jae (@Tara_Jae) "The Industry’s Classy Counselor"

Tara Jae is the new face of innovation in the industry. She has been respectfully noted as “The Industry's Classy Counselor" because of her undeniable knowledge and sexy professionalism. Tara Jae has helped to develop several well-known industry brands in entertainment and is now sharing the wealth of her success with the world. Along her journey, she has perpetually cultivated various key stitches in the fabric of the entertainment industry. Tara Jae's new course, “Industry Class with Class" is sure to enlighten artists & industry professionals worldwide. The Tara Jae brand has taken a sexy new approach with the launch of an exclusive designer Swimwear line “LC++”. Lookout for Tara Jae, CEO of TaraJIINC LLC. as she takes the industry by storm.

Connect w/ Tara Jae
Twitter/Instagram: @Tara_Jae

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