Saturday, May 23, 2015

[Single] Issa (@IssaIam) - Makaveli

Issa (@IssaIam) aka "The Young Veteran" is back with "Makaveli", the follow-up to his hugely successful "Whips & Chains" video/single release. Rap is a genre that is very familiar with the alias "Makaveli", thanks to the late and great, Tupac Shakur. Issa credits the late artist as one of his inspirations and has had some comparisons to the artist, in the capacity of wanting to change the rap game as we know it. This record serves as homage and as a reflection of what Issa truly intends to do. For those of you that have not yet realized, the ultimate goal is revolutionize the game and create awareness for political and social issues, while also releasing some fun records. Issa is not one to shy away from shocking fans by speaking on the touchy subjects. Issa is also an artist that can stand with activists on the front lines, as well as go to the streets and hang out with the fans. Having these versatile qualities are what caused Issa’s goal become an artist with a real message that will be leave his imprint on the music industry. "Makaveli" is produced by T Black TheHitmaker, whom has that unmistaken sound, which is slowly pushing Good Life Music Group to be one of the most sought after independent labels in the country, not only for the rappers, but for its in-house production team. Press Play, Listen, Download, and Support "Makaveli" and Issa.

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