Monday, July 20, 2015

[Single] Jey H (@therealjeyh) - I Love It via @IamTonyNeal

Who is Jey H (@therealjeyh): From neighborhood corner stores to billion dollar conglomerates, money rules the world, and at the core of every successful venture, regardless of how big or small, is the HUSTLER, an individual with an appetite for life’s finer things and the tenacity, intelligence and fire to make it happen. The music game was built on the backs of hustlers who took the wisdom and struggles of life, set it against music, and made the world take notice. A Washington, DC native, Jey H (born Jeffrey Harrison) grew up juggling two educations, one in the public school system, and the other on the unforgiving streets of northeast DC. The result is a chameleon who understands the codes and politics of both words and can thrive effortlessly in either. As a breakout athlete in both middle and high school, Jey could have pursued a career in sports, but having grown up watching the neighborhood players get it and flaunt it, he developed a strong entrepreneurial mindset and knack for making things happen. Playing on a team would never have been enough. In his own words “I want to own the team, the stadium and the network airing the game.” Never one to sit around, Jey got started on his dream of starting a business right after high school and never looked back. By the time he was 21, Jey was already experiencing success as a small businessman, but wanted more. Without any fear or reservation, Jey wrote a few songs, hired local producers to put the tracks together and hit the studio, recording seven songs in a single weekend. The results were clear and almost shocking. This wasn’t a case of ambition but no talent. Jey displayed REAL skill and presence on the mic. When friends, family and business associates heard the material, most didn’t even know it was Jey. It was polished and seasoned with no telltale signs of a new MC. Jey’s command and presence jumped off the tracks. It was like he’d rapping his whole life. With the final questioned answered, Grind Money Music was born.

Connect w/ Jey H Twitter: @therealjeyh Instagram: @therealjeyh

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