Monday, August 3, 2015

[Video] Goonie x Ojilla - Shame On You

Kenosha, Wisconsin- Local popular artist “OJilla The Trapper”, who already claimed local fame in the early 2000s releases new video “SUPER SEXY” in anticipation of releasing his upcoming mixtape “GET RICH OR DIE TRAPPIN’.” Which will be released to explode this summer’s music scene June 2015.

Born, raised and then relocated from Harvey, IL, an south suburb of Chicago, IL, he was early on crowned as the “Hometown Favorite” of the surrounding cities of Kenosha, Racine, and Northern Illinois suburbs since the early 2000s, OJilla has always been a house whole name with his unique soulful, realist sound of hip hop street music. After an 8 year hiatus of serving prison time, after only 10 months of being home, OJilla burst back like he never left with keeping up with the times bringing his own original flow on top of up beats tempos and memorable songs that appeal to many audiences. While being entirely dedicated to his own sound and following, OJilla has reached out and collaborated, performed, and opened for many industry legends and big names such as TOO SHORT, Crucial Conflict, BG of the Cash Money Hot Boys, Bone Thugs N Harmony, Coo Coo Cal, DO or DIE, King Louie, OT Genesis just to name a few.

“OJilla The Trapper” has made nothing but solid hits and bangers to keep the traps pumping and the clubs jumping creating imagery with his lyrical stories of the streets. Being compared to Hip Hop powerhouses such as Yo Gotti and Young Jeezy for their street wise storytelling, OJilla is the new generation of bringing that old sound a facelift with staying relevant with the changes of music but standing alone with it comes to being an artist in his own lane. With the fans and streets eager to hear new music, along with the release of “Super Sexy,” OJilla has claimed popularity from videos of other songs that will appear on his upcoming mixtape such as “Talk That Yayo,” “Shame On You,” and soon to release the video to “James Harden.” THE TRAPPER has expressed that this mixtape will be his “Best work to date” and feels that he can only go harder than he has ever went before.

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