Thursday, February 18, 2016

OG Boo Dirty Teams with Akon for Another Trap Classic

When Future dropped “Trap Niggas” a new genre was born within Trap Music, what I like to call Trap Gospel. I know that may sound like a double negative but just like Future gave tribute to the Trap Stars making a will out of a way, OG Boo Dirty did the same with his new song “Trap”, produced by Akon. It will be hard to resist chanting the hook “Thank God I’m a Trap Nigga” just because the beat alone will have you hooked. Akon has always played a major role in music production for other artists with credits for days, so it’s refreshing to hear one of first creations of 2016. There aren’t too many OG’s still roaming the streets so when he says, “Yeah, I’m built to last I ain’t nothing like you rap niggas”, you can believe it! Salute to all the OG’s, they’re a last of a dying breed

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