Thursday, June 23, 2016

Rapper Ice Cold Jay (@icecoldjay) releases a song that makes you want to get “Drunk And Rich”

Ice Cold Jay is known for making hit songs, but with the release of his new single & video, “Drunk And Rich” you can’t help but want to party, drink and turn up.

The inspiration for the song came about after Ice Cold Jay got some very exciting news about his liquor, Maehsgin.

“I’m really excited about the feature of Maehsgin. We are now in a position to distribute our own alcoholic beverage to any market in the world. Everything takes time of course but being an artist with multiple hustles is exciting!” says Ice Cold Jay. The single is quite self explanatory. If you are a hard worker but like to play hard and party hard, this is the single for you. With lyrics like, “If I empty out my pockets, pussy fall out on the floor”, you know those are lyrics for the average drunk and rich person, especially on a Friday or Saturday night.

The single has been heard on stations all over the map, in markets including Manhattan, Atlanta and many others.

You can hear the song “Drunk And Rich” on Spotify and also purchase it as well on iTunes

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