Friday, June 10, 2016

Shae Brock (@shaebrockmusic) leads motivational charge of self-worth and empowerment

LOS ANGELES, CA. – Shae Brock is on a mission to help others embrace the beauty that makes each person unique.

Her new pop anthem, “Me For Me,” is a testament to the issues of self-doubt that so many people face today, and her introspective lyrics and upbeat melody are a motivational charge for her fans to love who they are.

“’Me For Me’ is an anthem that encourages myself and anyone else to embrace being yourself,” Brock said. “Don’t change for someone else. I think there’s no one exactly like you and I think that makes you pretty awesome.”

The 19-year-old pop singer who grew up in Arizona has hit the LA music scene by storm over the past year – booking gigs all over the city and signing with The Artist Refinery record label. Her producer, Fred "Blaze" Crawford (Owner of The Artist Refinery), has worked with her since age 14 and helped to craft her unique sound. 

“I started doing piano at age 5 and learned guitar at age 12, which is when I started writing songs,” Brock said. “At age 14 Blaze was moving to LA from Chicago and happened to be in Arizona when I was playing at a Botanical Gardens event. He was just passing by and I played a few songs for him and we just connected. We’ve developed a really good musical chemistry. I’ll write something on my guitar and he’ll take it and make it super awesome. He’s really helped me become the pop artist I am today.”Brock said all of her music is born from personal experiences and the feelings that come from the various situations in her life. Much of her music is about love, relationships or connections with other people – but more often than not she said she’s inspired by nature, and particularly loves being close to the ocean.“I call myself a mermaid because I love the ocean,” she said. “If I’m not by the ocean then I just don’t feel good.”

She also loves to collect journals and often finds herself filling half of a journal with thoughts or lyrics for songs. It’s part of the way she has grown as a musician over the years, she said – something she wants to continue doing as her career continues to rise.

This summer, following the release of “Me For Me,” Brock will be working on the release of a second single called “Into You,” with an accompanying music video to be released on YouTube. That single explores the feelings that come with meeting a romantic interest for the first time.

“It’s about getting those butterfly feelings in your stomach when you first like someone,” she said. “It’s a really fun, upbeat, kind of reggae-ish song and the music video will be really fun. I’m excited for people to see it.”

All of Shae Brock’s music can be found on her website, She also interacts frequently with fans on social media – specifically with Twitter, Instagram and SoundCloud using the handle @shaebrockmusic. Follow her on any of these social media platforms to find out more about upcoming live performances and release dates for her new singles.

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