Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Spotlight on Wes/Denzel (@WesDenzel)

SAN ANTONIO, TX – Nearly everyone has had to work a job they didn’t like at some point in their lives.

That struggle to make ends meet – to push through the hard times despite adversity – is the message behind the new single from Wes/Denzel.

The song is called “Money Low – with a recently released music video on YouTube and according to Wes/Denzel it’s a song that exemplifies the kind of music he wants to make.

“My main goal is to try to improve somebody’s life,” Wes/Denzel said of his music. “My lyrics talk about situations in life. I think we can connect to common things through a good song. Money Low is a song that says, ‘I may be broke at the moment, but I’m gonna make it through.’” 

Wes/Denzel describes his music as unique and eclectic. He writes all his own lyrics and creates his own beats and has learned over the course of the past five years to be a great record producer.

He says he wrote his first rap in fifth grade and slowly kept writing over the years. Now at the age of 22, Wes/Denzel is ready to fully launch his career. The San Antonio, TX native will be releasing his first album “Two First Names” on July first. “Money Low” is the first single to be released from that album and will be available for purchase June 1. Two other singles that are also standouts on the album are “Shake That Rump” and “Dear Dad” – the first being an upbeat dance track and the second being a more emotional, low-key song.

“With those two songs I really wanted to show two extremes of my music,” Wes/Denzel said. “Money Low is kind of right in the middle of those two – it has meaningful lyrics but it’s still upbeat.”

The beat is the starting point for many of Wes/Denzel’s songs. In high school he created his own home-built studio and began experimenting with different sounds and beats.

“Every day I try something different,” he said. “When I started doing that in high school that was when things kind of broke open for me. Now I produce my own music and I write whatever I want to the beats. I’ll make a loop and then I’ll record over that loop for however long. I’ll freestyle and try out some lines, and once I have the concept of the loop I’ll write around that.”

It’s that process that he says contributes to a sound that’s reminiscent of other artists, but ultimately becomes a sound that is unique to him. He describes his music as catchy with lyrics that people can relate to.

“It’s my own thing and something that stands out,” he said. “If you listen to interviews from rappers in the early 2000s or the late 1990s, they’re always talking about the hundreds of other people who sound the same. I’d rather do something that’s true to me and has a little bit of meaning behind it.”

In addition to the album release on July 1, Wes/Denzel has a live show coming up July 3 in Corpus Christi, TX. Follow him on Twitter or on his website for updates on that show and others throughout the summer. And visit Soundcloud to listen to and download his music.

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