Wednesday, July 20, 2016

[Video] Ru Marley - Weed Smoke in the Air

Ruben "Ru Marley" Vazquez is an American Hip-hop artist and song writer from Reading, PA. After writing music on and off in his earlier years, Marley finally decided to put his music out to the public ear. Marley is also Co-Founder and member of the group 4 Barrios. 4 Barrios plans to drop a mixtape later this year as well as other songs before that.

The artist known as "Ru Marley" is originally from Michoacan, Mexico, making him a bilingual rapper. You can catch his Spanish raps in his music at times when you least expect them, bringing out the unique "Ru Marley Flow"

One of Marley's goals is to do his part in keeping hip hop alive, while showing off his talent and collaborating with anyone who can see his vision. Marley has the dedication, ambition, and talent and creativity the industry is looking for, and that everyone wants. Don't sleep on a shooting star. This artist has the complete package all in one.
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