Tuesday, July 6, 2021

Spotlight on Riko

There Is Star In Burton, South Carolina!

Burton's heyday was during the truck farming era in Beaufort County from 1900–1930. The "center" of Burton was where Broad River Boulevard crosses the abandoned Port Royal Railroad tracks and U.S. Route 21.

Lorenzo Brown aka Riko, born and raised in Beaufort,SC (Burton) youngest of three, always had involvement with music from band to drums either / or, music has always played a big role in his everyday life. Recently dropping his first single "Day One" where he talks about the ones who were there since the beginning and still rocking till this day.

Not to mention his feature hit with Couisn Karolina Kizzie "What Would I Do" reflecting on losing family members along the way. He's also apart of SG x DT inc music group/EMB/WiLdChiLd Muzk/Melody Music made up of friends and family.
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