Monday, February 14, 2022


Independent Rapper, Singer & Producer BEVIxPlanett has recently begun to emerge onto the radars of many people in the past 6 months.
BEVI has amassed a large loyal fan base and has garnered tens of thousands of streams across numerous platforms. His most popular song being ‘Every Night’ currently sitting at 25,695 streams on Spotify.
As the days go by, BEVI just gets bigger and bigger. With his reach increasing at an astonishing rate, it becomes very hard to envision a future where he is not a big deal. What’s even more crazy is that he has accomplished all of this at just 14! “I have a really good sense of drive that I am extremely grateful for because without it I would not be here right now.” BEVI stated.
The 14-year-old categorizes his music as “ Not just one category.” He exclaims that his music can never be put into just one category, it always differs. BEVI tells us “Every Night was a mix of pop and various other genres. Same with my newest single CLAP. I like to take my listeners on rides full of mystery and excitement, I would hate for them to have to sit through the same boring ride over and over again.”
That in itself has allowed him to stand out from the crowd and excel beyond the competition. Which is great for him because nowadays, rappers will blow up by using the same formulas as one and other. And the problem with that is you end up with everyone sounding the same. People like BEVI aren’t afraid to stand out and do music their way.
Unlike most rappers who get into the game for the fame and money, BEVI does it simply for his love and passion to create music. He notes “I’ve always been a creative person and I’ve always loved to listen to music.”
Despite all of his success, he points out that he sees lots of room for improvement. He is in the studio every day perfecting his craft and challenging his musical limits. With all of the progress BEVIxPlanett has made in the past year just goes to show that anything is possible and all it takes is a strong mindset and work. This 14-year-old artist is most definitely one to watch out for in the next few years.

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